Monday, November 23, 2009

The image above is of three beautiful children - all of whom are now benefiting from our watershed's 1st "Walk for Water" - a shared event held last March in recognition of the United Nations World Water Day.
Behind these children stands one the two water collection tanks that the Wheatley River Improvement Group ( WRIG ) & the Hunter/Clyde Watershed Group, along with the children of the schools in our watersheds, were able to provided to two African villages through Farmers Helping Farmers! Our neighboring watershed groups are so proud to have facilitated this combined fundraiser and educational event and with the support of the wonderful staff of Gulf Shore School and L'ecole Saint-Augustine we were able to bring awareness to both the condition of our compromised local Island water quality and the crisis in global water quality and quantity.
The result of our first Walk for Water is that two entire villages will see increased health and prosperity, that the women and children of these villages will no longer spend a huge portion of their day in search of safe water but instead, these children will be able to spend time in school. It may be fair to say that through this event, the children of our two watersheds learned valuable ecological lessons and then, in turn, became teaches as they collected their pledges. The message they brought to their families and communities was that no-one, in our watersheds, in our province or in our country should ever take our water for granted and that we all should work to conserve and protect the water we share.
Congratulations to everyone who contributed and helped to set in motion, unbelievable changes in the lives of children and their families in two villages half a world away. Lets do it again!

Tracy Gallant

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